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 [Declined]Hunter X-Realm Application

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PostSubject: [Declined]Hunter X-Realm Application   Mon Dec 03, 2012 10:29 am

Basic Information

Name: Michael

Age: 29

Sex: Male

Nationality: Danish

Occupation: Student

Raid Related Information

Available raid times, how do you feel about extending raids?:
You current raid times fits me perfectly, even if its extended around an hour from time to time.

Character name: Longdd

Class/Spec: Hunter BM and SV, mostly BM in the current content.

Played time (main char): 75d12h i do have a 2nd hunter though, that i played in Vanilla with a /played of 61d17h

Armory Link (make sure you are in PvE gear) :

Character History

Previous Guilds - Why did you leave? go into details!:

The Brotherhood: This was mostly a social guild, with a few raids a month. Left them because i got banned (Mining with speedhack).
Outcasts: Re-rolling guild on a fresh realm. Guild disbanded after a month or so.
Legion of Mulgore: Casual raiding guild. They migrated, and i didn't.

BAWLS: Was made for 10man raiding, but with Kara as the only content, for a long time, it disbanded after a couple of months.

eon: Raided ToC and ICC with eon. But after 2 months of BQL wiping, because of the same people failing over and over again, me and a few others decided to make our own guild.

Made: Me and 9 other guys left Made, to make a 10man guild for Cataclysm, due to bad attendance and horrible applications.

Despair: I raided Dragon Soul with Despair, and i was very happy and proud to be a part of it. Sadly i had a lot of real life issues i had to sort, so had to quit for a couple of months.

Emoticons: Raided with Emoticons in early Cata and in the beginning of Dragon Soul, and late Wotlk (LK10HC). I am still here, but we are not raiding anymore, as we don't have enough members, and it's hard to recruit on a almost dead realm-

Previous Raiding Experience (Write down all your previous experience not just the latest content)?

MSV 6/6 Normal
HoF 4/6 Normal
ToES 0/4

I played my hunter at the release of Cata and did the following;
Blackwing Descent:
6/6 Normal
Chimaeron HC

Throne of the Four Winds
2/2 Normal

Bastion of Twilight:
4/4 Normal
Halfus HC

Emoticons had a long break, and returned just before the release of Dragon Soul, so i haven't raided while Firelands was the current content.
Dragon Soul 8/8 HC (On my priest)

- WotlK:
In early WotlK i was playing a rogue, got server first Forsaken to level 80. But i was working at nights, so i couldn't really join a raiding guild. I did however pug Naxxramas within the first week and cleared it.
After that a i had a long break, because all i really enjoyed about the game was raiding, and as i couldn't raid, there was no point of me playing.
Sometime between ToC and ICC release i lost my job, and decided that i wanted to raid. So i revived my priest, i had leveled some time during Burning Crusade. And joined eon, and then later created Made with those guilds i did the following content:
A Tribute to Insanity
Glory of Ulduar Raidier (10)
Glory of Icecrown Raider (10)
ICC10HC 12/12
ICC25HC 11/12
Halion10HC Killed
Halion25N Killed

- TBC:
Was still working during raid hours, but i did clear some, and also got server 2nd level 70 was playing my other hunter back then.
Karazan: Cleared
Magtheridon: Cleared
Gruul: Cleared
Zul Aman: Cleared

I did not raid much as i was working during raid hours. So i mostly did BG's on my druid, I was in the best premade team on the server, we were undefeated for over two months. I made it to "General" and then the team disbanded. But i did clear some:
MC Cleared
ZG Cleared
Onyxia Cleared
AQ20 Cleared

When did you start playing your character?: My first hunter was born in Vanilla, 2nd (My current hunter) was born in Wotlk.

Please write a detailed list of your current alts and their armory links: (Shadow Priest. Was born in TBC, was my main for a long time in Wotlk, and also was my main through Dragon Soul). (2nd Hunter, late Vanilla main and early TBC main). (Gathering Druid) (My long time Vanilla main, mostly used for PVP)

Besides these i got many many level 80-85 chars spread around in different realms.


Do you have Ventrilo and a microphone? Yep, and i am not afraid to use it Smile

Internet Connection (this is not a yes/no question..) ?

Hardware? Feel free to add specs:
CPU: AMD Phenom X955BE
GFX: ATI Radeon 5870

Ul-screenshot, ( (link):


How do you prepare for raids?:
First of all i make sure i have stocked up, food, flasks and pots. When it comes to strategies, i watch both videos, look for tips on MMO-C and check general boss mechanics and suggested strats on

Do you know anyone in the guild?
Nope, i do not know everyone in the guild.

Do you use key bindings (list them if you do)?:
Scrool Up+Down: Cobra Shot
1: Glaive Toss
2: Multi-Shot
3: Kill Command
4: Dire Beast
5: Disengage
S+1: Focus Fire
S+2: Deterrence
S+3: Stampede
S+4: Ice Trap
S+T: Intimidation
F1: Aspect of the Ironhawk
F2: Aspect of the Cheetah
F3: Aspect of the Pack
C+1: Pet attack
C+2: Pet passive
C+F: Freezing Trap
M3: Serpent Sting
S+M3: Kill Command
M4: Arcane Shot
S+M4: Misdirection
M5: Hunters Mark
S+M5: Readiness
T: Silencing Shot
F: Feign Death
R: Lynx Rush
S+R: Bestial Wrath
C+R: Blood Fury
A+R: Rapid Fire
S+E: Pot
C+E: Healthstone

Please explain your play style(Rotation / Prio list):
Beast Master (Single target):
-3 Hunters Mark
-2 Misdirection
-1 Pre-pot
0 Blood Fury
1 Kill Command
2 Serpent Sting
3 Dire Beast
4 Stampede (Depends on Lust and Stormlash timings, but trying to use Stampede, just before those two are being casted)
5 Glaive Toss
6 Bestial Wrath + Synapse Springs
7 Lynx Rush
8 Kill Command
9 Rapid Fire
10 Readiness
11 Kill Command
12 Dire Beast
13 Lynx Rush
14 Glaive Toss
15 Cobra shot (To make sure i keep up Serpent Sting)
16 Arcane Shot
17 Kill Command
18 Bestial Wrath
After the opener i follow my priority list, which is as follows:
1 Making sure to keep up Serpent Sting at all times
2 Kill Shot
3 Lynx Rush
4 Kill Command
5 Dire Beast
6 Arcane Shot
7 Cobra Shot
8 Focus Fire i rarely use, i would normaly only use it, if its about to drop off my pet.
I normaly repeat my opener in the execute phase. As i yet havent had a fight that lasted longer than 10 mins. When that happens i will use all my CDs when they are ready, to make sure they have as much uptime as possible.

Survival (Single Target):
-3 Hunters Mark
-2 Misdirection
-1 Pre-pot
0 Blood Fury
1 Black Arrow
2 Explosive Shot
3 Multi-Shot (To apply serpent sting)
4 A Murder of Crows
5 Stampede (Same criteria as BM)
6 Barrage
7 Explosive Shot
8 Rapid Fire
9 Readiness
After this i will use Rapid Fire when the first when falls off, and refresh AMoC when that falls off. Besides that it comes down the priority list:
1 Keep up Serpent Sting
2 Black Arrow (Procs Lock 'n Load so very important to keep up)
3 AMoC
4 Kill Shot
5 Explosive Shot (Making sure i use all the Lock ´n Load procs)
6 Arcane Shot (As i always run SV with Thrill of the hunt, i make sure to use as many free Arcane Shots as possible)
7 Cobra Shot
On AE fights its pretty much the same, i swap Black Arrow with Explosive trap, and Arcane Shot with Multi-Shot.

How do you keep updated on your class changes and theory crafting?: -> This is a Simcraft like site for hunters only, i use it to see if i am doing around the damage i am supposed to, and also use it to check how much of an upgrade the different drops are. -> This is a site with many different hunter guides, such as gemming, reforging and rotations, and just general new about the hunter class. It is not updated as frequently as it used to be. -> This is mostly for patch notes and general WoW news, i do also read on the hunter forum. -> A ton of theorycrafting here, but as a hunter we have many hunter specific sites, which i usually prefer.

What do you think is important for maintaining a good guild and how do you approach this?:
One of the most important things is to have a group with a equally mindset. (You can have socials who have a different approach to the game, but they do not belong to the raiding time).
I will try and do this in reverse, and give you a few examples on what NOT to keep, if you want to maintain a good guild.
1. Do not keep the guy, that keeps on failing on the same stupid thing, just because he is a good friend of the guild, and used to be good five years ago.
2. Do not keep the guy, that is always 5 mins late to raid. It becomes an annoyance.
3. Do not keep the guy, that never bring his on own consumables
4. Do not keep the guy, that never do dailies, and never Valor caps, because he is the only one that need that kind of gear from raids anyways.
5. Do not keep the guy, that always keep yelling stupid shit on voicechat, and kills the mood in the raid, but have nothing constructive to say. (I dont mind if people point out my mistakes, or tells me what i could improve, but if its just pointless anger, then don't say anything)

Why do you want to join Anguish?:
I want to join Anguish because this seems to be a solid group of players, with great progress and with only 3 days a week, it means i can maintain my life outside the game. And that you are located on a well populated realm, means if/when you lose members its easier to find a replacement. And i am looking for a guild i can call "home" for the rest of my WoW career, and think this could be it!

Do you have any worldoflogs that you can refer to?: (Sadly dont have any logs that includes the new hunter buffs, 5% AP and 100% Increased damage on Serpent Sting)

Anything else you want to share with us? If you felt we missed something in the template, tell us here!:
I think pretty much everything is covered in your template. Hope to hear from you soon! You can add me @ Nvar#2955 if you got any questions.
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined]Hunter X-Realm Application   Mon Dec 03, 2012 11:12 am

Hello Michael and thanks for the application, we`ll be back with an answer as soon as possible.

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PostSubject: Re: [Declined]Hunter X-Realm Application   Mon Dec 03, 2012 3:13 pm

Great application, enjoyed reading it! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined]Hunter X-Realm Application   Thu Dec 06, 2012 12:58 am

Greetings, unfortunately we can't offer you a raiding spot in the core team, so we have to decline you.

Thank you for showing interest in Anguish, and good luck finding a new guild.

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PostSubject: Re: [Declined]Hunter X-Realm Application   

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[Declined]Hunter X-Realm Application
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