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 [Declined] Resto Druid aply

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PostSubject: [Declined] Resto Druid aply   Sun Oct 28, 2012 8:07 pm

Basic Information

Name: Jarno

Age: 29

Sex: Male


Occupation and RL: Student, Living in middle of Forest with my dog, Im played much games during my 15 year "career". my favorites are FPS, Strategy and MMO games,
i also wacth some movies and anime, and lately im practised some Dj stuff

Raid Related Information

Available raid times, how do you feel about extending raids?:

Raid times are fine, If progress needs extended raids im up to. Dont have family so i can play alot.

Character name: Slanoth
Class/Spec: Resto Druid

Played time (main char): 156d

Armory Link) :

Character History

Previous Guilds - Why did you leave? go into details!:
Have been in several servers and many guilds, atm im in my friends formed guild, Im followed him few years server to server.
But now our guild ist that active that i could use all my resourses. So i applying to sharing my activity and healing skills.

Previous Raiding Experience:


Zul gurub: cleared
Molten core: cleared
Onyxia: cleared
aq20: 3/6


Karazhan: Cleared
Zul aman: Cleared
Gruul lair: Cleared
Magtheridon: Cleared
SSC: Cleared
TK: Cleared
MH: Cleared
BT: Cleared
Sunwell: 4/6


OS Cleared 3d
Naxxramas: Cleared ( Server first clear )
Ulduar: Cleared
Rs: Cleared
EoE: Cleared
Voa: Cleared
Onyxia: Cleared
ToC: Cleared 2/5 HC
ICC: Cleared 8/12 Hc


BT: Cleared 1/6 HC
Bot: Cleared 1/5 HC
Tfw: Cleared
FL: Cleared 1/7 HC
DS: Cleared 1/8 HC


MV: 2/6

When did you start playing your character?:
I played rogue during vanilla and changed to resto druid early TBC, Also tested Encha shaman in wotlk.
I kept small break during cataclysm couse my arm was broken...

Please write a detailed list of your current alts and their armory links:
Have few 85 lvl alts but not worth of mention


Do you have Ventrilo and a microphone?
Yes, And i dont hesitate to use it

Internet Connection:
Stable 8/1 Mt, Also have back up laptop and another internet connection.

i7-2600k cpu ~3.4GHz
16Gt Ram
Amd Radeon 6950
Mouse: Naga Razor
Keyboard: logitech G-19



How do you prepare for raids?:

Knolledge of boss abilitys and tactics
Be in time to invitation
Have Gear repaired, Potins, flasks and buff foods ready

Do you know anyone in the guild?

Do you use keybindings:

I have several keybindings, numbers 1-9 +q,e,v
and most of those have Ctrl, shift and alt combinations
you can see them in Ui- screenshot link.

Please explaine your playstyle(Rotation / Prio list):

Depents on what duty im on raid tank or group healer, But usual i cast (Nourish) just before fight starts to get (Harmony) Then ill use hot´s on tanks (Life bloom) and
(Rejuvenation). During fight keeping hots on tanks and using (Rejuvenation) to most raid members. Keeping (Wild Growth) to cooldown all the time. Regrowth is used on (clearcast)
status or low healt raidmembers, Fast and expensive heal. Some times casting (Nourish) to make small heals and keeping (Harmony) up. (Swiftmend) is used often in stacking situations
nice and cheap AoE heal, Also (Wild mushrooms) are nice tool to use when u have time to place them and triccered when damage comes.
Cooldown: Tree of life, Natures vigil, Tranquility and Natures Swiftness: Those are used on heavy damage phase or when raid leader calls.
Also (Ironbark) helps little bit tank to survive big hits.

How do you keep updated on your class changes and theorycrafting?:

Ill read new posts from several sites:

What do you think is important for maintaining a good guild and how do you approach this?:

Maintaining a good guild is hard and complicating work, Keep People in line and satisfied in same time requires
good leadership and loalty, Pushing towards together and helping each other, Approaching this i have to listen
and respect guilds rules and ways to work, and in time to learn peoples and habbits, i can be come part of this communty.

Why do you want to join Anguish?:

Be part of nice and active community
And offer active reliable healer

Feel free to ask more, if you have questions, Or invite me to Ts to chat Smile
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined] Resto Druid aply   Sun Oct 28, 2012 10:20 pm

Hi Jarno, thank you for your interest in Anguish. Your application will be reviewed by the officers and we'll have an answer for you as soon as possible Smile


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PostSubject: Re: [Declined] Resto Druid aply   Wed Nov 07, 2012 4:23 pm

Are you still considering application or is it Declined?
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined] Resto Druid aply   Wed Nov 07, 2012 6:01 pm

Hey Jarno, we are still looking into your application and we will have an answer in the near future, thanks for the patience Smile


Miss Turkey 2012
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined] Resto Druid aply   Thu Nov 08, 2012 1:57 pm

Hi Jarno, sorry for the wait. Currently we cannot find you an opening in our raiding core. GL in your future guild search Smile



You call that a knife?
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined] Resto Druid aply   

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[Declined] Resto Druid aply
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