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 [Declined] Nuntius Resto Druid Application

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PostSubject: [Declined] Nuntius Resto Druid Application   Sat Oct 27, 2012 8:13 am

Personal information
Real name: Dinos

Age: 35

Location: Greece

Tell us a bit about yourself (eg. what do you do for a living etc):

I have Finish Athletic journalist but atm my main work is rooms /hotel.Usually i am working mornings and i have free all evenings
I lile to watch movies at cinema and play basket.When i don’t play wow i play single player RPGs ,i am big fun of DAO-DA2 also i have Finish New Vegas,Oblivion,Drakensang and many **old** RPGs like Baldur’s Gate,Icewind Dale and many other

Computer specs:
I paly Wow from internet cafe
i can promise that i wan't have any problem .The PC there are new we have a good connection and i play and raid with 50-60 FPS .I play from net cafe cause i am there with friends and we can talk you know and have i decide to stop my home connection and save some money. Net cafe isn't 24 Hr but it close late after 1:00 Game time but the person who have is one of my best friends and he can stay longer if need it
I have my own folder there with my UI so the only that i am doing is to copy/paste this folder --->Wow
About the lv up i will play from both work and net , it takes me i think 4 days to go from 80-85 i think that i will need the same time from 85-90

Internet connection (Please add a speed-check):

Read above pls

We use team speak 3 for voice communication. Do you have a microphone and are you able to use it?

Yes i have TS3 and mic and of course i can speak when need it

Character information

Armory link:

What is your /played on this character? An estimate of your total /played?
456 days

Character name:



Main spec:
What are your professions and how do they help your character:
Inscription for shoulder enchant
Jewelcrafting for +SP gems my prof.

A screenshot of your User Interface with an explanation of your setup and keybindings:

I don't have a pic of my UI during raid so i can provide only this one atm
Grid raid icons
Grid raid Debuffs
Deadly boss Mode
Power Ayras

As you can see i use a simple and very clear UI for my raids

Do you have any logs to demonstrate your ability? ( The Stone Guard - kill ) (Feng -kill ) (Gara'jal - kill) i was outside all the time and didn't take any portal to spirit world ) ( Spirit Kings - kill) Elegon kill SG HC wipes Gara'jal HC spirit kings HC

Please explain your choice of talents, glyphs, reforges and gems:

Well i think the most important are Nature's Swiftess for an extra and fast big heal and i nature's vigil for and extra CD for the bad situations

I start with RG or Noorish for Harmony then have 3x Lifebloom, on the tank I'm using my Swiftmend, for AoE healing as I'm spec'd Efflorescence I'm also keeping Rejuvenation, spread around the raid, to keep an fair amount on everyone. I'm also using Regrowth, whenever a person is really close, to die, or when Clear Casting is available. I'm also having Wild Growth on cool down, at all time.
I'm using "Tranquility", if I've been told to, or otherwise I'll do it, when the time is right
i use Tol when i think its essential except if raid leaders want it somewhere else

Where do you go to improve your knowledge about your class?
i try to inform myself often for my spec most from wow-Europe/class forum and Elitist jerks

Raiding information

Are you able to meet our raid times? If not, why not?
Yes i can raid this time even more if you want

Furthermore are there any upcoming events that will limit your availability:
Nope i am leaving alone ,i don't have GF and i am working only mornings and my passion is Wow

A detailed summary of your PvE experience (Remember to mention when you cleared it, was it current content or several tiers later. Please also mention what character you played at the time):
Raiding experience

1) all 5 man instances
2) ZG -> clear
3) AQ20 - clear
3) MC -> clear
4) Onyxia-> clear
5) BWL -> clear
6) AQ40 -> 8/10
7) Nax -> 11/15

-> BC:
1) all 5 man instances (heroic mode also)
2) Karazhan ->clear
3) ZA -> clear (i have done many times the event and i have the bear mount)
4) Gruul->clear
5) Magtheridon ->clear
6) SSC -clear
7) TK ->clear
Cool BT ->clear (20/10)
9) Sunwell -> Kalecgos (yes)
Brutallus (yes)
Felmyst (yes)
Twins (yes)
Muru (yes) before nerf
KJ (best try until 20-25% before nerf kill after)

-> Wotkl:

(10) Eye of Eternity:Cleared
(25) Eye of Eternity: Cleared
(10) The Obsidian Sanctum(3D): Cleared
(25) The Obsidian Sanctum(3D): Cleared
(10) Naxxramas: Cleared
(25) Naxxramas: Cleared Immortal 4-9-2009
(10) Ulduar:Cleared + all Hard modes and i have kill Algalon
(25) Ulduar:Cleared + all Hard modes + Algalon Alone in the Dark
Crusaders' Coliseum (10) all bosses normal and HM
Crusaders' Coliseum (25) 5/5 normal + 5/5 hms Tribute to Insanity 15/6 and Tribute of Immortality 13-7-2010
ICC 10 12/12 HMs
ICC 25 12/12 Hms
LK first kill at 20-6-2010 (20%buff) and of course i have Invincible
HAllion 4-7-2010

12/12 normal
13/13 heroic

7/7 Normal
6/7 Heroic (all this bosses prenerf)

Dragon Soul
8/8 Normal
8/8 HC (Spine and DW with Cult who they have it on farm already)


6/16 normal also i have many wipes on the first 4 bosses as you can see from logs so i have experience from heroics aslo

Please not that all this progress is on **realm time** not after nerfs* or upcoming exp

Former guild(s) and why you decided to leave:
I was the main Resto Druid in the guild Crimson (Al''akir) with this guild we have a good progress but when we start to do hcs ppl start to slack ,not coming online etc etc so i decide to leave the guild .After some research to find another guild in the same realm i was so disappointing from my last guild that i decide to stop Wow (2 months)
I came back and accepted from the guild The Cult but they didn't really saw me that they want me really plus that they are planning some changes for better progress during Mop that i didn't like ( we have already a roster of 40ppl and they steal recruit more)
The Cult is now 10 man guild and i wasn't on plans so i left the guild ,i joined the guild The clique for some days The reasson that i left is simple didn't like what i see on this guild (also server was empty),they where very rude with me and i don't give not another day but not another 30mins for guilds with this behavior.
Also in the past Expansions i was member of some good guilds (most of them they don't exist now) like Silence (Silvermoon during TBC) and Inner Sanctum (Silvermoon TBC),Eternal Gathering (my main guild during WOTLK-we did have great progress as you can see above)

Why do you want to join us?
Because you have a good overall progress and you cause you have a empty spot for an very active Rdruid
Why should we pick you?
Cause i play as Resto since 2005 so i have good experience i think ,i can raid as time you need me and i can promise hight attendance without cause any problems
What do you expect from us?
First of all and most important for me a FRIENDLY guild and after a spot to raid asap and have some good overall progress
Is there someone in your guild who can vouch for you?
Nope i don't know any one from this guild
Anything else you would like to add to make your application stand out?
I hope to be able to play/raid with all of you soon and get the most possible from it
You can expect of me somebody who is compromised, with lots of will and who can always be counted on.
Thanks for your time on reading this application, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Most Sincerely
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined] Nuntius Resto Druid Application   Sat Oct 27, 2012 10:06 am

Kickass experience! You dont see that offent! Smile

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PostSubject: Re: [Declined] Nuntius Resto Druid Application   Sun Oct 28, 2012 1:15 pm

It's a well written application but I have the feeling that this was copy and paste from another application that your wrote to any other guild before MoP was launched. This is due the fact that at the start of the application you stated that it took you 4 days to go from 80-85 and you thought it will take the same amount of time to go from lvl 85-90, clearly you already are lvl 90. Another part which makes me think this is that you said you specced in effloresence, resto druids nowadays don't have that kind of talent. In your progression there is stated that Cult are farming spine and DW hc, they are farmable of course at lvl 90 so that's another fact that this was copy and paste with some changes.

Also you linked your UI/WoL both of them have different names, which doesn't match your character name you applied with, maybe you did a character name change but nonetheless there are more than 1 resto druid in those logs so it's not really clear which one are you.

Good luck!

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PostSubject: Re: [Declined] Nuntius Resto Druid Application   Sun Oct 28, 2012 2:13 pm

Heya and sorry my application was copy /paste from an old application

I start with RG or Noorish for Harmony then i try to have hots all the time on the mt/ot I'm using my Swiftmend and WG , for AoE healing I'm also using Regrowth, whenever a person is really close, to die, or when Clear Casting is available.
I'm using "Tranquility", if I've been told to, or otherwise I'll do it, when the time is right
i use Tol and Vigil when i think its essential except if raid leaders want it somewhere else

and about wols i post some logs from my past guild so u can have a clear picture about me ,i am Nuntius and Marjoliane on the Logs above

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PostSubject: Re: [Declined] Nuntius Resto Druid Application   Tue Oct 30, 2012 3:28 pm

Application Declined. We can not at the time find a open spot for you within our core. GL in your future guild search.


You call that a knife?
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined] Nuntius Resto Druid Application   

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[Declined] Nuntius Resto Druid Application
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