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 [Declined] aply for guild

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PostSubject: [Declined] aply for guild    Tue Oct 09, 2012 2:09 pm





Occupation:Working in internet caffe and gambling club.

Raid Related Information

Available raid times, how do you feel about extending raids? :Any time.coz at night working in cafe- nolife wow:P

Character name:Trytohide

Class/Spec:Druid feral/os tanking - or resto got all 3 gear.

Played time (main char):on this char only 70days i think but on other drod and old chars near 600days can give ID and can show. Smile

Armory Link (make sure you are in PvE gear) :
this is atm tank gear -- sockets and meta-- i go tank coz leave old guild and go tank for fast fasrm hc:P -valurs- but ofc got trinkets and other for dps-- reforges and gems will be fixed.
Character Historynot have much just dps dps dps coz this new one.. Razz

Previous Guilds - Why did you leave? go into details!:I was in Anathemas--and in aly was in one.. but Anathemas was my main guild i leave coz they will stop raid soon and i wana migrate server- wana come Dreanor

Previous Raiding Experience (Write down all your previous experience not just the latest content)?
I raid in vanila a litle nax -- onyxia and zulgurub a itle- just got polearm from zg Sad for old good memories and AQ 40 man Razz got gear at me Razz trans
When did you start playing your character?:2010 i think this one .. other i start at wow start 10days at wow start.

Please write a detailed list of your current alts and their armory links:Got 2 alts-- but not play Smile old one.


Do you have Ventrilo and a microphone?Ofc can use it any time

Internet Connection (this is not a yes/no question..) ?Its good 4gb..(4gb is in serbia) best one.. that is name duno how it is in some other lands Razz

Hardware? Feel free to add specs:Tbh. duno coz this is one of 45 pc in caffe but its good Smile i play with no lags or some other :O shit Razz

Ul-screenshot, ( (link):about this i not have any Sad its normal but i just use bartender and all my bars are on right side Sad of screen


How do you prepare for raids?:Flasks-food-all other and 30 min beofre raid going dummy to get fingers fast Razz before it xD

Do you know anyone in the guild?Nop atm i wisper one of mans from 1 lvl char for information no1 else

Do you use keybindings (list them if you do)?:Using macros for trinkets(poping all in same time for berserk- [Nature's Vigil] [Incarnation] all in same time and pre some old pvp ones but from Cata and not use it coz need new.Using Key buildings 2 for tigers furry and shift -1-2-3-3 and other shift-r -v and all more for some other Smile

Please explaine your playstyle(Rotation / Prio list):I opening boss with Pouncecoz with all buffs and my agi its ticks for 20k or more Smile after that going Savage roar -rake- poping macros for berserker and Incarnation+ Nature's Vigil affter that start spaming ravage--(its going 300k or more to 5 combo points then rip and pop 2 more or 3 times ravage for 5 comobos and again savager roar Smile then all going to refresh dots and going bite to all Smile Razz and good dmg.if one dot stop i lose dps a lot .. soo need fast fast.

How do you keep updated on your class changes and theorycrafting?:good good like i say i play feral from vanila Smile know how druid breath

What do you think is important for maintaining a good guild and how do you approach this?:Its good and normal-but for me i like vanila trying we inv ppl in some HARD raid and see how he work(i give example)we try tanks on tbc like -- 1 man karazan tanking Razz if they not lose agro at all its good Smile but this is good good Smile and game try is ok.

Why do you want to join Anguish?:First i wana leave my server,and wana find good good playing ppl i am soo sad about wow players now coz 90% or more ppl are retarded and wana ofc good raid no much fails and wana ppl who give all for good raid and friends!

Anything else you want to share with us? If you felt we missed something in the template, tell us here!:thx for reading this and hope we see soon! all best in futured raids guys !!! all best.!

You call that a knife?
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined] aply for guild    Wed Oct 10, 2012 3:39 am

Hi Nemanja, thanks for your interest in Anguish. We currently don't have an open spot for you.

GL in your future guild search. Declined.


You call that a knife?
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[Declined] aply for guild
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